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Many IT organizations have evolved from an internal “back-office” service provider into a strategic partner to the business providing innovative solutions in customer/partner interactions and product or service development. Today’s customer landscapes usually comprise multiple systems integrated by the flow of business processes, spanning different business domains, and involving different SAP Business Suite applications, third-party products, and middleware.

Ensuring high performance in such IT landscapes has become more challenging and highly critical as issues with the performance of business-critical applications can cause deterioration of an organization’s business performance and thereby revenue loss, decline in customer satisfaction, lowered employee productivity, and jeopardized brand reputation.

The CIO guide - “Securing High Performance and Scalability in Customer System Landscapes” directed specifically to CIOs and enterprise architects provides guidance on how to secure high performance and scalability for such complex IT landscapes. It discusses best practices and recommendations specific to different performance aspects that can aid our customers in setting up, administrating, and monitoring and optimizing their SAP IT landscapes. It also provides recommendations for customers on how to develop performance-optimized applications by their own based on SAP best practices.

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