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“They say that a great business idea needs to be simple.

So simple it can fit  on a napkin.”

Be part of the SAP Africa  '#ShareYourInsights Signature Napkin Series’ campaign. The social media campaign aims to share simple business ideas in an engaging manner and we encourage you to share your vision.

Join our journey of insights, where we align our thinking to the SAP #RunSimple concept. These napkins will form a collectable artwork series on SAP’s social channels with the hashtag #ShareYourInsights

To see our all the posted napkins:

To participate mail me a rough sketch, an idea, insight or enlightened thought and ill 'napkinise' it for you. Please provide name and/or Twitter handle. My email is:

Or download napkin template here: and doodle away...

Join the conversation online, contribute and share in this exciting campaign.

Best Regards,

Nikk Smit