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After publishing the blog Automated Note Search and Customer Code Detection, and Automated Note Search & Customer Code Detection II (release 2.0) a great expectation around the new application was created and we received many positive comments as well as requests for piloting. Now, we are ready to release a new version 3.0 with some new functionalities that will be described through this blog. We also fixed some minor bugs detected by our pilot customers. 


What's new?

I will mention here just the major changes. A more detailed description will be provided in the corresponding pilot note:


1.- New selection screen with more options for tracing web applications:

The new “Execution Data” options, allow searching notes for most of web applications like:

  • BSP Applications
  • Web Dynpro
  • CRM Webclient Applications
  • CRM UI Frame




We can see here the process to search notes for CRM UI Frame:




When press execute button we will see a popup asking us to start the recording:



 When Push the “Start Recording” button the browser with the CRM UI Frame application will be opened:




Then we can logon and run the process we want to find notes:





When finish the process, we can close the browser window, and go to the popup of the tool to stop the recording:




The TBOM trace will be done:




And then you get the result tree where you can find notes like on previous versions of the tool.


2.- Open trace from other systems via RFC

Press “Open Trace” button, you can enable RFC destination field with the Button “RFC Use/Not”:




If you enable this field, you can use any of the RFC destinations that have the tool installed to open an existing trace and search notes from a source system.


If you open a trace using RFC option, all the navigation (to objects, custom coding and customizing tables) will open the RFC system to show them, and the note search will be done with the Support Packages of the RFC system.


3.- Delete an existing trace

There is a new button “Delete Trace”:





A popup will open to allow you to delete an existing trace from the database.