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Last year at this time I was at the Mobile World Congress asking myself what’s next for SAP in enterprise mobility. I had just joined the company, and everyone I met at the congress -- customers, partners, influencers and industry experts -- agreed that no one else was better positioned than SAP to support customers and partners on their journey to mobilizing the enterprise. In 2014, we went on to become the market leader in Enterprise Mobility Solutions, we enabled the best user experience for SAP Cloud Services and we simplified the mobile journey.

Next generation consumer experiences need next generation telcos

Thanks to the ubiquity of mobility, people everywhere are more and more connected. Shoppers can ‘try on’ clothes and accessories in a virtual dressing room while sitting on a bus. Doctors can prescribe embedded transceivers in pharmaceutical packaging to monitor patient compliance to medication. And technicians in the field just need a pair of glasses responding to touch and voice commands.

Market research indicates as many as 2.5 billion augmented reality apps will be downloaded onto smartphones and tablets by 2017. This means next-generation telecom companies will have to deliver more than just calls; they will have to deliver next-level experiences. Brands are already using next-level telecoms to offer service deals, product suggestions, and sale promotions when and where customers want them.

In the connected consumer world, mobile service providers will engage customers with relevant, contextual information delivering the right products for the right price at the right time. Your smartphone will manage your calendar, inform you about promotions, provide directions and act as a mobile wallet. And in fact, thanks to your online profile and beacon technology, the salesperson will greet you by name when you do enter a store!

Barcelona For You exemplifies what’s next for SAP in 2015

Fuelled by a combination of consumerization, big data, analytics, cloud, and machine-to-machine, enterprise mobility is changing how, when and where customers decide, transact and buy. This year at the Mobile World Congress, I’m truly excited about the massive opportunity ahead for telecom companies to lead the revolution in enterprise mobility together with SAP.

The path ahead is about partnerships. One of the most delightful examples is SAP’s new urban intelligence solution set, which provides an intelligent cloud network that delivers contextual, personalized information in real time through an easy to use app.  SAP is showcasing the power of the new solution with the new Barcelona for You (BCN4U) tourist network, developed by SAP for the city of Barcelona. BCN4U will take advantage of the power and scalability of SAP HANA Cloud Platform mobile services to connect public and private enterprises in Barcelona with its citizens and visitors to simplify and transform the way people experience the city.

This is a perfect example of our ability to handle large amounts of data in real time to deliver personalized information to the right people at the right time and right place. The platform offers suggestions on transportation routes, cultural activities and restaurants based on profile details providing visitors with a smooth city experience. At the same time, the city will gain better insight into tourist flow and behavior to better customize offerings. 

Be sure to stop by the SAP Booth at Mobile World Congress (Hall 6, A30) to experience the app as part of an interactive showcase.I could not have predicted all of this a year ago!