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Product and Topic Expert
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Are you rolling out SAP ERP to subsidiaries or additional branches of your enterprise in emerging markets and foreign countries? Are you on boarding smaller entities within your corporate umbrella?

If so, then make sure to attend this ASUG Webcast ‘Rapid Rollout of SAP ERP To Subsidiaries with SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions’, on November 6th at 1:00 pm EST. Register NOW!

In this session, you will learn what tools and solutions SAP provides to help customers accelerate and predictably rollout SAP ERP to global operations and subsidiary entities. We will explain how SAP helps address emerging market requirements and tackle local requirements.

This webcast will primarily focus on these two rapid-deployment solutions: SAP ERP Finance and Controlling for Subsidiaries & SAP ERP Subsidiary Rollout. Here are some of the highlights:

  • SAP ERP Finance and Controlling for Subsidiaries rapid-deployment solution
    • Support legal and parallel reporting requirements for multiple accounting standards
    • Gain visibility, accountability, and control in one comprehensive, affordable solution
    • Automate financial processes and reporting – for accelerated closing cycles
    • Leverage basic accounting scenarios, predefined charts of account, and pure accounting content

  • SAP ERP Subsidiary Rollout rapid-deployment solution
    • Mitigate risk with a solution that is flexible, reliable, and scalable
    • Standardize business processes and procedures
    • Facilitate data management and global reporting
    • Maintain proper levels of control while meeting the subsidiary’s need for autonomy

To register for this session, click here.

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