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Buyers are up to 90 percent committed to a purchase decision before they ever contact vendors.  How you do ensure you have the right social mix to be considered in their purchase decision.  Join SAP's Malcolm Hamilton as he explains How to Get Noticed in Social. 

During his interactive session he will show you how to beat the statistics, create visibility across online channels, and influence buyers early in their buying process. Register here for the best practices you need to generate demand with SAP.

About the presenter

Malcolm Hamilton

Director, Global Strategic Initiatives, Partner & SME Marketing

As Director Global Strategic Initiatives on the SAP Global Indirect Channel Marketing (GIC) Team, Malcolm brings a proven track record of building and executing leading edge Channel Marketing & Sales & enablement programs. During a career that spans close to 2 decades, Malcolm is widely regarded as an IT Industry Thought Leader and Innovator with International experience in working with Channel