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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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As you know,companies of all sizes can aspire to their own version of greatness with their vision, strategy and the value of the  services, products or experience that they offer. SAP believes that all companies, regardless of size, need access to the right technologies and business solutions to grow and  prosper.

How many countless times have you seen a potentially great product or service just languish into oblivion?  Probably too many times because they couldn't connect all the dots to execute nor to be game changers.

You can learn what it takes to be a game-changer and get the right insights at the big event of the year - SAPPHIRE NOW + ASUG Conference, in Orlando,  May 14-16, 2013.

SME's (Small and Midsize Enterprises) play a big role for SAP. And, they and also play a big role for the SAP partners that sell,  service and build co-innovated solutions to deliver game-changing value.  Decision makers llike you at SME companies will be able to hear the real deal when it comes to the game-changing value of SAP solutions and the co-innovation that SAP partners bring to SME customers.

What's great is that our teams are working on putting together an awesome content agenda that features SME-specific presentations based on real-life SME  business challenges that will be presented throughout the different campuses: Line of Business/Industry, Mobile, Cloud, Database  and Technology, Analtyics, and the Partnerand SME Solutions Centers.

You're not going to hear some abstract, pie-in-the-sky stuff that you can't relate to.  You'll be able to connect the dots.  In the SME-specific presentations, you'll hear real stories from SME customers and what they had to do to manage a business challenge. You'll also hearfrom our partners who are focused on delivering true value to SMEs. So, get ready for some great learnings and take-aways.

Over the next few weeks, I will provide you with more information on the upcoming SME-focused topics so that you can plan your visit for an awesome experience.

If you haven't registered yet, whatcha wating for?  Register now. I look forward to your presence and participation.