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SAP wants to create an ecosystem of solutions on the basis of ESA, including partner solutions. This means that partners now develop full-fledged solutions that interface with SAP and other partner solutions.

In the past, most partner projects involved the implementation of customer exits of various kinds and the development of additional reports. The focus will now change: more towards the development of applications, which are then integrated into solutions by other parties.

In other words, many partners will have the opportunity to work more like the SAP development departments.

It might be interesting for these partners to learn from the experiences of SAP architects when it comes to the architecture of whole components, applications or LDUs. Many development departments at SAP, including my own, have architects' meetings where experiences regarding the architecture of components are exchanged, and common architecture guidelines are developed. These architecture guidelines can cover things from naming conventions to layer concepts, communication patterns, package structures and the general implementation of technical application aspects such as transaction control, locks, logging, error messages etc.

My question to you, the readers: would you be interested in reading about some of the experiences we (well, I, in this case) have regarding these subjects? If so, please leave comments below.

Thanks a lot in advance for your feedback!