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Dear community, InnoJammers, Design Thinkers!

We are happy to announce the winner of our two day pre-DKOM InnoJam 2012 in Rot (Germany):

Team "Quick Resolve"

Team Quick Resolve: left to right: Nena Raab, Jürgen Schmerder, Christian Grail, Wolfgang Schwach

The InnoJam took place from March 27th to 28th, prior DKOM Karlsruhe 2012. Our overall theme was: "Improve the working day of an SAP employee". Of course we focused on systems and applications. We started with a Design Thinking phase, where all teams had first to interview colleagues in Walldorf and Rot in order to evaluate their needs and issues they face. We got a lot of great ideas and the teams started with ideation and prototyping. Our Design Coaches helped to go through all the different design phases and it was quite interesting to see, how people discussed different aspects of a working day, problems their colleagues mentioned and how it can be solved. Many of the InnoJam participants had ideas in mind before the event started, but all teams changed and focused on solving issues they identified during the interviews.

We started with 4 teams, but 2 teams decided to merge and work together on a common solution. The teams are:

Team 1 <WOW Button>

This application is the one with the best Social aspect. It gives the users the possibilities to share their preferences for links to information they found.

Team members:
Lars Erbe
Masoud Aghadavoodi Jolfaei
Torsten Mohs
Martin Hoffmann
Thomas Mattern

Team 2 <Quick Resolve>

This application uses QR Codes in order to simplify the create a CSS ticket. Only use the code with your mobile phone and a ticket will be openend and you can describe the error.

Team members:
Wolfgang Karl Rainer Schwach
Jürgen Schmerder
Nena Raab
Christian Grail

Team 3 <SAP Social Search>

This prototype lets the user search for authors of all searchable documents and sources (internally and externally) and lets the user filter the results on social criterias, such as language, location, social distance. It is the one which used the most recent SAP technologies.

Team members:
Stefanie Bacher
Marco Ertel
Rui Nogueira
Timon Schubert
Jan Rumig
Andreas Linke

All pictures of the event can be found on flickr.

A special thank you goes to the Design Thinkers, who really helped to stay focused. Thank you experts: Bogdan Alexander and Thomas Bieser for 2-days support on JPAAS and SAPUI5. Thank you jury (Björn Görke, Ruks Omar, Richard Hirsch), for your feedback and taking the time to judge. Thank you Stefan Kiss for your IT support, Peter Matern und Daniel Mehari for catering.

And thanks to everyone for great ideas, your engagement and motivation!

you at next SAP InnoJam!