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Scenario: all the workflow e-mail notifications should be sent in English, regardlless of the language of the users (approvers, requestors, etc).

If you have such requisite from your business, what is the easiest way to achieve it?

No, you do not need to translate each and every single document in SE63 to English to achieve it.

The easiest way is to customize one of the Enhancement Spot/BADis available for workflow notifications.


1) Create Enhancement Spot/BADi per Notes 1589130 or per Note 1727135. You can also apply both Notes and merge the code.

2) Customize the method SEND_OVERRIDE by adding one line of code, demonstrated in the screen print below. In this example I am customizing the BADi for Delegees, but the customization can also be added to the BADi for Multiuser notification. If you have both BADIs created, you will customize the merged method SEND_OVERRIDE (which will have code for both BADis, merged).


Now, all the GRC Access Control workflow e-mail notifications will be sent in English, regardless of the language of approvers, requestors, users, etc.

Hope this is useful!