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When creating files for PostalOne! you may find that you need to add a Ghost Permit number.  The Ghost Permit is also known as the Mail Owner Local Permit Number. 

Typically this can be the case if you are the mail preparer but not the mail owner.  You may enter your permit number but then also add the virtual Mail Owner Local Permit Number to be populated in the Mail.dat .mpa file position 90-98.

Currently this can be accomplished by either manually editing the .mpa file and adding this by using some kind of Mail.dat editor or in Presort you can simply add the permit number to the IDEA Mail.dat report block.  Below are the steps for both Views and Jobfile


Expand Version Description block
Double-click Version Description
Click on Permit Information
Fill out Permit Holder Information
Expand Report Setup
Double-click IDEA Mail.dat block
Populate the Mail Owner Permit Number
Set Mail Owner Permit Type to Virtual


Go down to Version Description block
Fill out Permit Holder information
Go to the IDEA Mail.dat Report
Populate the Mail Owners Lcl Permit Ref Number
Type in "VIRTUAL" in the Mail Owners Lcl Permit Ref Type

Make sure to keep up to date with any Mail.dat changes in the next release... all changes will be documented in the release notes.