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There is a well kept secret out there. Desktop users have always want to get to the information in SAP but not have to log onto the ERP system and navigate to the transactions they need.

SAP jointly with Microsoft produced Duet Enterprise to help users transact with SAP through Microsoft SharePoint but that misses some of the point ie it does not deal with documents.

Users in Microsoft are usually working with documents that relate to the process activities being managed in SAP and they would like to link the 2 together, seamlessly and easily.

There is a capability to show in SAP systems in Microsoft tools, dynamically in real-time. SAP appears like personal folders in Outlook or like a share drive in file explorer or like a team site in SharePoint. Its an out of the box solution which amazes users when you show them.

Here are some links showing simple drag and drop navigation. The end user only sees what they are allowed to per the SAP access.
Asset management with outlook integration

Project System

SAP xECM is delivering this capability and it goes much much further. Enjoy!