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Back in May, I spoke at SAPPHIRENow about how SAP HANA Cloud Platform (HCP) meets new challenges, attracts new customers, and can develop new business opportunities for companies thus accelerating their digital transformation. The feedback from the customers was overwhelmingly positive. The fact is that HCP allows you to personalize and extend SAP applications on a platform that offers the fastest time-to-value and the highest return on SAP investments.

Putting it simply, with rich and powerful cloud services, HCP offers the broadest set of capabilities to:

• Extend cloud and on-premise apps: Quickly add new functionality to your existing cloud and on-premise apps to optimize your existing investments

• Integrate your apps and data: Connect your cloud and on-premise apps to eliminate data silos and make digital access simple, secure, and scalable

• Build brand-new cloud apps: Rapidly build and run new cloud apps to solve new problems, engage new customers, and drive new revenue

One of the best messages I heard at the conference was the idea that you need to bring information to the user in a way that the user would want use it.  The future is delivering information to people where they are.

You can watch my session to hear firsthand how companies across all industries are benefiting from using SAP HANA Cloud Platform to build new applications or extend existing ones to engage new customers and expand sources of revenue. You will also hear from Michelle Heger, Information Technology Manager from Rockwell Automation, on her experience with HCP.

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HCP Solution Scenarios

HANA Cloud Platform Infographic