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Last month in our Newtown Square office SAP held a Pep Rally to get everyone pumped up for the end of a great year. Head of Sales, Greg McStravick and CMO, Jonathan Becher joined Super Bowl winner Coach Dick Vermeil and Eagles mascot, Swoop, to drive enthusiasm for ending the year on a high note.

Having a Super Bowl winner in our midst was the ideal way to get SAP employees excited as 2013 came to a close. Not only did Dick bring enthusiasm to our offices, but he generously shared his 7 Common Sense Principles of Leadership that lead to career success and development:

  1. Make sure your people know you care, because people care about those who care about them!
  2. Be a great example – when your actions speak for themselves, everyone listens!
  3. Create an atmosphere in which people enjoy working by approaching them consistently with a positive attitude.
  4. Define why you’re coming to the office and sell your vision with passion!
  5. Bring energy to the workplace – both emotionally and physically!
  6. Build relationships as you implement your vision, values and process while always giving more than you expect in return!
  7. Establish credibility by being sincere, believable and trustworthy. Never sacrifice your integrity!

I had the pleasure of speaking with a few of our colleagues who attended the event and shared their personal take-aways. Principle #6 really hit home for Mike Cieri of GCO University who explained, “The relationships I have established here have been critical to my success not only from a work perspective but also a personal one. When you establish great relationships with people, it makes coming to work that much easier. When you enjoy coming to work, you can bring that energy to the workplace.”

This point also resonated with Joanne Slover, Enterprise Support Advisor, Active Global Support, who said “it is critical to establish a ‘trusted advisor’ relationship with our customers and with co-workers. In many instances, I have been able to help connect customers and/or co-workers with the SAP subject matter experts to answer their questions via my extended network of colleagues.  Being a ‘trusted advisor’ makes our customers and me run better!”

Tom DelMonte, Senior Director, Marketing Operations, also touched on the importance of relationships and positive energy within the workplace with his take away from #3. He explained, “I firmly believe that people who enjoy their work are better employees and perform at a higher level.”

I personally thought that point 4 was especially useful from both a personal and professional development perspective. To me, defining why you’re coming into the office is like determining your purpose – or the passions that you’re working towards. I believe that it is important to tie your passions into your work because then work doesn’t actually feel like work; your career will be more fulfilling and satisfying both personally and professionally. For instance – my passion is writing and telling stories. It’s great to be part of a team here at SAP where I can come in every day and do what I love, as well as helping others realize their passions and achieving them in both their personal and professional lives. This is what makes me run with purpose at SAP!

What about you? What’s your purpose or passion that wakes you up every morning or gets you excited about going to work every day?