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Now that your application is available on the SAP Store, it is time to focus on how to best exploit the SAP Store as a go-to-market platform. To build awareness among potential customers, multipliers within SAP, and your own employees, you want to announce your new application and its availability on the SAP Store.

The SAP Application Development Partner Center features simple and ready-to-use self-service assets that will help you generate demand and traffic on your storefront. I will highlight three of them for you here:

  • References self-service SAP Template
  • Press Release Template
  • Copy Blocks


Showcase satisfied customers of your app

You want to showcase the benefits of your apps to potential customers in a credible fashion. This customer reference summarizes all relevant information about a successful implementation on just one slide – and it can easily be integrated into any PowerPoint presentation.

The slide contains data about your company, your top objectives as well as the key benefits of your solution. The customer success story is especially highlighted by a quote from your customer on the slide.

And it is not even hard to create the reference: a step-by-step instruction, the template as well as content and style guidelines are available on the SAP Application Development Partner Center.

In addition to your own use of the slide, SAP will also present the slide to different stakeholders. In order to increase awareness of your offer, the reference slide will be shared externally at SAP events like TechEd or SAPPHIRE NOW as well as internally to make the SAP field organizations a multiplier for your offer.

Press Release Template

Benefit from the SAP brand and generate buzz for your offer

Announcing the availability of your newest solution to the market is essential. But it is also important to reach out with a focused and engaging press release.

SAP partners are provided with three different press release templates in the SAP Store Promotion Kit. One is directed at all partners, whereas the other two versions are designed specifically for partners participating in the SAP Mobile App Partner Program and the SAP HANA Cloud Application Partner Program.

After adapting the case to your specific solution and company you can share it with the press. In addition to sharing the press release yourself, you can have it published in the SAP Newsroom. Instructions on how to get the press release approved and released by SAP global communications, are included in the template.

Copy Blocks

Ready-to-use texts for your marketing activities

Newsletters, websites, or social media channels: There is a long list of platforms available to market your application. But of course you need texts to convey the message.

The SAP Store Promotion Kit provides you with so-called copy blocks which you can use to communicate your app via different channels. The copy blocks are ready-to-use text elements, designed for different formats such as newsletters or social media channels. All you have to do is copy and paste them to your channel.

The copy blocks are as specific for certain industries or lines of business as possible. You can choose copy blocks for one out of five industries or three lines of business. In order to reach a broad audience through searches, it is important to optimize your content for search engines. For this reason, a list of relevant keywords is included for each line of business and industry.

Check out these three assets as well as many others on the SAP Application Development Partner Center. If you are already using our go-to-market tools feel free to send feedback.

About the author: klaus.terner, Sr. Director ISVs & Digital Commerce Marketing

As Senior Director ISVs & Digital Commerce Marketing at SAP, Klaus is responsible for partner enablement as well as for go-to-market programs for application development partners.