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In 2016, we asked SAP Canada employees to round up their favourite things about working here. From formal benefits to office perks, employee experiences to company culture, we were decidedly un-Canadian in bragging about why SAP is the best place to work.

In honour of Canada’s 150th birthday, we’re excited to share the list with you.

To celebrate the people that make our culture what it is, we’re posting these reasons in offices across the nation. If you find yourself in an SAP office, snap a selfie with your favourite reasons and post them to Twitter or Instagram using #SAP101reasons and #SAPCanada.

And if this sounds like a place you might want to work, join us. We can’t wait to meet you.

“Opportunities to try new roles, lines of business, move to other countries and more!” #1: Limitless career opportunities.
“Constant upskilling, whether in technical, leadership or communication areas. That’s huge!” #2: Commitment to professional development.
“I work with technologies that are always current and relevant. This ensures my skills don’t get outdated.” #3: Being on the cutting edge.
“SAP offers great internships. You work on impactful projects and feel like a team member from day one.” #4: Amazing internships.
“SAP offers work opportunities across the globe, allowing people to maintain and build new relationships across cultures.” #5: We’re global.
“My leadership team has helped me build my career.” #6: A team that cares.
“Learning new things.” # 7: A learning culture.
“Great resources and opportunities for personal development.” #8: The tools to take your career anywhere.
“We can always find a more experienced colleague to learn from.” #9: Mentorship.
“Fellowships allow you to try a new job without leaving your current one!” #10: Fellowships.
“From databases to collaboration tools, we build technology that helps the world run better.” #11: Our products.
“We provide the core to help companies navigate their digital transformation.” #12: Our strategy.
“We work with amazing customers doing business in different industries, markets and countries.” #13: Our customers.
“We’re one of the best recognized organizations in the world!” #14: A killer brand.
“We work with some of the most creative people on the planet!” #15: Exercising your creativity.
“Working on a team of 30+ individuals from 25+ different countries.” #16: Cultural diversity.
“Whether you’re seeing them in your office, Telepresence, or took a plane to get there, SAP still feels like family.” #17: Your family away from home.
“We’re all in it together. There is always someone here to help you out.” #18: Colleagues that care.
“Diverse people embracing differences to accomplish great things.” #19: We embrace differences.
“Speaking English, French and German at work every day with colleagues from all over the world. Simply awesome!” #20: Colleagues in more than 130 countries.
“I love seeing the bosses make me breakfast!” #21: Pancake breakfasts.
“The Social Committee.” #22: We work hard, and play hard.
“The Leadership Excellence Acceleration (LEAP) Program.” #23 A focus on women in leadership.
“Joining employee engagement teams that interest you.” #24: Awesome extracurriculars.
“If you are a true salesperson, this is the place to be! Energy, enthusiasm and positive thinking.” #25: A sales team that rocks.
“We’ve been in the game a long time. We were mobile and connected long before smartphones and IoT were even a thing!” #26: Experience.
“We focus on the customer.” #27: Customer-centricity.
“This is the first place I’ve worked where everyone truly believes that this is the best place to work.” #28: A team that is totally sold.
“Feedback loops and well-trained managers focused on developing people.” #29: Managers that rock.
“We’re the best in our business.” #30: Market dominance.
“Incredible commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility in our local communities!” #31: Giving where we live.
“The TEAM culture.” #32: We’re all in this together.
“SAP’s participation in the Pride Parade impressed me deeply. SAP’s corporate culture is open-minded and welcoming to EVERYONE.” #33: Pride@SAP.
“The vibe in this office.” #34: Awesome office energy.
“Working with amazing people.” #35: The people.
 “Change is seen as an opportunity for us to do and be better.” #36: Change agents.
“Great Canadian energy.” #37: We’re proudly Canadian.
“Developer’s workshops from coast to coast give us the chance to tinker with new tech.” #38: d-shop.
“The people are like family – genuinely caring for, respecting and collaborating with each other.” #39: We. Are. Family.
“We have easy access to the executive leadership team.” #40: An open door policy.
“The atmosphere is collaborative and open.” #41: Collaboration.
“The talent here is off the charts. I love being surrounded by such incredible minds at work!” #42: Talent. And lots of it.
“Our interns and early talent bring amazing energy!” #43: Investing in early talent.
“Meaningful employment opportunities for individuals on the autism spectrum.” #44: Autism at Work.
“From Innoweeks to Intrapreneurship, Design Day to d-kom, innovation is paramount at SAP Canada.” #45 Always innovating.
“That SAP gives employees a chance to volunteer during work hours is a testament to how strongly they believe in giving back.” #46: Month of Service.
“I can ride my bike to work, shower and get ready for work, right here at the office!” #47: Secure bike storage, showers and lockers.
“Being a Scrum Master lets me do what I do best: facilitating and coaching others while learning so much about both them, and about myself.” #48: Agile development.
“Our leadership tells it like it is.” #49: The SAP behaviours.
“Our office is central to many transit options to use our subsidies.” #50: We go green.
“Our recognition and awards programs.” #51: SAP Appreciates.
“The fun, vibrant office we have in Vancouver.” #52: The Vancouver vibe.
“Three words: Lunch On Us.” #53: Free lunch.
“Our great benefits package keeps employees engaged and motivated.” #54: Competitive benefits.
“Amazing technology allows me to work from anywhere and stay connected with colleagues.” #55: Flexible work options.
“Let’s be honest. SAP provides solid compensation, bonus, benefits and stock purchase options.” #56: Total rewards.
“Flexibility in hours and location.” #57: Work at your best.
“Let us not forget the coffee.” #58: Free coffee. And lots of it.
“Cheap vending machines!” #59: Free pop.
“Summer Awesome Parties! What a great tradition to celebrate with our families and colleagues, and kick off Canadian summers.” #60: Awesome summer parties.
“Who doesn’t love a Blizzard delivered to their desk?” #61: Miracle Treat Day.
“Watching major sporting events in the office, like the World Cup, Euro Cup and Olympics.” #62: TVs. With cable.
“Our awesome office with lots of collaboration spaces and great amenities.” #63: Offices that rock.
“The ping pong table!” #64: Games rooms.
“We can doodle on the walls!” #65: Winked walls.
“I was able to use funds from my Personal Spending Account toward my son’s hockey fees.” #66: The Personal Spending Account.
“SAP provides me the equipment I need to do my job.” #67: Your computer’s on us.
“Work life balance.” #68: Balance.
“Celebrating the holidays with Said the Whale at the Commodore Ballroom!” #69: Holiday parties on point.
“A stock purchase plan that makes employees true stakeholders in SAP’s success.” #70: Own SAP.
“Wearing jeans to work.” #71: Dress pants not required.
“All the art in our office is by amazing local artists.” #72: Supporting local artists.
“Rental bikes available for a spin around the seawall.” #73: Bikes for rent.
“SAP Canada is a Partner for Life with Canadian Blood Services. I can donate blood without even leaving the office.” #74: It’s in us to give.
“SAP Canada employees volunteered 6,000 hours with amazing charities across the country this past October.” #75: Month of Service.
“Access to a gym 24/7, for free.” #76: Pumping iron.
“On-site fitness activities, like yoga, pilates, personal training and more.” #77: Getting your sweat on.
“On-site wellness programs, like massage therapy, acupuncture, nutrition, and more.” #78: On-site wellness.
“A CEO committed to empathy and authentic leadership.” #79: Bill McDermott.
“Getting to travel to incredible cities on behalf of SAP.” #80: Work travel, if you want it.
“Working in one of the city’s most environmentally sustainable buildings.” #81: Commitment to sustainability.
“Hearing from compelling speakers, with free cookies (or bagels!)” #82: Coffee corners.
“Starting the year off right, with a day of learning, best-practise sharing, and networking!” #83: d-kom.
“Spending a full week working on a pro-bono technology project with a local not-for-profit.” #84: The Social Sabbatical.
“Seeing Star Wars on opening day, for free!” #85: May the force be with you.
“Seeing SAP on so many top employer lists!” #86: Having the hardware to prove it.
“Achieving EDGE certification for gender equality.” #87: Equal pay for equal work.
“Celebrating the achievements of fellow colleagues and teammates, with cake!” #88: Milestones celebrations.
“Mentoring tomorrow’s science, technology, engineering and math leaders.” #89: Templeton STEM.
“Taking a midday nap.” #90: Nap rooms.
“Working with students at our city’s leading universities.” #91: The University Committee.
“Having a barbeque on the patio.” #92: A breath of fresh air.
“SAP doubled my donation to fight wildfires in Fort McMurray.” #93: The Matching Gifts program.
“We build products in Canada that are critical to businesses around the globe.” #94: #MadeInCanada.
“SAP is helping me finish my MBA with tuition reimbursement and time off for study.” #95: Tuition support.
“We get to solve hard problems about things that matter to businesses, people, communities and the world.” #96: Solving hard problems.
“Collaboration between sales and development means an exceptional experience for our customers.” #97: We build bridges, not silos.
“Striving to deliver the best outcome in the simplest way possible.” #98: We keep the promise.
“Pushing the boundaries of what our solutions can do for people, and for the world.” #99: We stay curious.
“Building trust within teams by being honest and authentic.” #100: We tell it like it is.
“From Food Truck Festivals, to Sea-to-Sky Sessions, to Coffee Corners, there’s always something to look forward to!” #101: Never a dull moment.