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What fun.  My very first Blog and I get to talk about something I feel very passionate about - Workflow!  Actually, in this case, it will be a Birds of a Feather session on Tech Ed Community Day (Las Vegas) entitled 'Workflow for Suits'.

Marilyn Pratt suggested the title; I met Marilyn briefly at the ASUG All-Volunteer meeting in Chicago in June - a very inspiring community evangelist.  You can read more aboutTrue Confessions - A Love Affair with ASUG and the SAP TechEd Addiction

True Confessions - A Love Affair with ASUG and the SAP TechEd Addiction

And Mark Finnern, SDN Guru, was kind enough to give me a mention on his BlogBOF Sessions at Community Day Las Vegas

So, what is Workflow for Suits about ?  Over the past 10 years of workflowing, and being an ASUG volunteer, I've seen a wide range of interest in Workflow.  The managers seem to think it's a good idea.  The technical folks are eager to add a new skill to their repertoire if they can.  And the business folks know that something is broken, or not working as well as it should, and so they are interested. 

What I'd like to do is encourage all attendees to learn some basics - how we can all speak the same lingo at least, and then talk about how we can enable each other in implementing better business processes.  I can't really speak on how to implement Guided Procedures, or Collaboration tasks, or Business Process Management - because I am a much more hands-on person and I have yet to go there personally.  But the gist of some of  these cool toys is that they were built on the rock-solid, industrial-strength workflow engine.  This tool has been around for over 10 years, and has just gotten stronger and more robust with each release.  No wonder SAP is leveraging it by adding on more user-friendly interfaces and ways of using it! 

So, that's a start.  I realize there is not a lot of info here, but I am new to blogging, and also, I've never done a Community Day BoF before.  Send me your suggestions ?  That is what will really make this part of Community Day.


PS:  What was I thinking?  I am sending out some linklove to my fellow ASUG Volunteers (BITI Group - we make the pieces fit) who are also participating in Community Day - these are great people to meet and have fun with!

Jim Spath

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