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Whilst just enjoying a quick lunch break, I noticed the Upcoming Events for Developers document had been updated so I thought I'd check it out and see if there was anything interesting/close to me...

Nothing, nada, sweet FA in terms of CodeJams in the UK.  I'm sure there must have been some in the past but there is nothing I can see coming up in the nearish future, yet there are lots of other sessions & meets happening all around the rest of the world.  With all of the advances and changes in HANA, Mobile, SAPUI5, etc. I'm sure there must be other people in the UK who would be interested in a get together like this?

I wondered why there appears to be little to no interest in these sort of events here in the UK?  What are the obstacles or challenges to setting it up?

I'm looking forward to SAP Inside Track Manchester, being organised by dj.adams and tim.guest but would love to see some more events like this here in the UK (especially if they are oop North too!)

What are people's thoughts?