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Last week fellow SAP Mentor and friend ethan.jewett and I did a webinar for University Alliances

This was based off a presentation that I put together for SAP Insider in Singapore and the SAUG Summit in Sydney

There were lots of live demo's and fortunately the demo god were kind to us :razz:

Key points are:

  • Live benchmark comparing Microsoft SQL Server and Sybase IQ Free Editions
  • Setting up and configuring BW NLS with Sybase IQ
  • Running benchmark queries using NLS with Sybase IQ
  • Setting up Smart Data Access on HANA
  • Running live queries merging data between HANA and Sybase IQ

The key trend of the presentation is helping enable customers to protect there investment in HANA by getting the best out of Hot and Cold data stores by using both HANA and Sybase IQ as part of the architecture.

Enjoy !