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Hello friends,

A usability of any software depends not only on what functionality it provides but how it provides that functionality to its users so that it can be easy for them to learn and more efficient to use.

Considering this thing in mind SAP has created a user experience strategy by which it tries to provide:

  1. Provide consumer‐grade UX for NEW applications ( with SAP UI5)
  2. RENEW widely used use scenarios ( with SAP Fiori)
  3. ENABLE customers to improve UX of their specific value scenarios (with SAP Screen Personas)

SAP Screen Personas:

SAP Screen Personas allows companies to personalize their SAP ERP screens for different user roles without any programming. They can manage different user and group profiles to optimize productivity, enhance user satisfaction, and minimize training time on SAP.

How it can help SAP Users:

  1. Improve business user productivity by providing only the essential screen elements and data to complete business transactions faster and more accurately through fewer data entry fields and reduced scrolling.
  2. Increase user satisfaction by automating repetitive tasks and simplifying complex screens through pre-filled fields and pulldown menus, which help the user save time on data entry.
  3. Reduce the cost of personalization by eliminating the need for ABAP programmers or scripting experts.
  4. Decrease training time for SAP users: when the screen are more intuitive user can able to quickly learn from simple things from the screen itself.

To learn more about SAP persona click on the link below to watch the overview video

Use case in Mining Industry:

Learn how Goldcorp, one of the leading gold producer uses SAP screen persona to improve their employees productivity and increase user satisfaction

hope it would be helpful!