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Continuing into the Universe Designer deep-dive I rediscovered a few good parameters to be reminded of

.    Check out JOIN_BY_SQL article by Dave Rathbun

A few new paramters in the 4.0 release docs are interesting

  AUTO_UPDATE_QUERY -  What happens when an object in a query is not available to a user profile?

BACK_QUOTE_SUPPORTED - If the SQL uses back quotes to enclose table or column names containing spaces or special characters

 SMART_AGGREGATE - Allows for overriding the handing of Aggregate table selection logic.  This one needs a separate article in itself......


Another item is that the PRM file parameters are stored in an easier to follow section in the universe design document.  There is still database specific options in the separate and probably rarely read "Data Access Guide"

Since the PRM files are "still used for parameters that are database specific" they should reviewed at least once in a life time against your universe design requirements.

Items like LIGHT_DETECT_CARDINALITY would have helped me check my cardinality on that one universe a few years ago if only I had known, that everything is negotiable.

Two new @VARIABLE options as part of the expanded multi language support



The fill doc in its 594 page glory is on the SAP web site


Kevin McManus