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A SCN question prompted me to bump an item up my eternal to-do list: Create a UI5 list with items which are expandable, collapsible, and searchable.

In UI5 terminology,

  • The sample app has an XML view with a List.
  • The List uses a Custom List Item with a Panel.
  • The List Items are bound to a model and filtered using a Search Field.

The Page in the XML View:

<Page title="UI5 List: Expandable Panels with Search " >
   <Bar id="searchBar">
       <SearchField id="idSearchField" liveChange="onSearch" />
          <List id="idList" items="{/ItemSet}" >
                <Panel expandable="true" expanded="false" headerText="{Header}" >
                    <Text text="{Content}" />

The complete source code is available on GitHub.