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The world of social media is one that has continued to grow from strength to strength but only those who understand this strength are the ones that benefit most from social media. If you are an online merchant, you work online or always busy communicating and chatting with loved ones abroad, social media has always proven very helpful and beneficial. People have been able to build and maintain various online communities, generate more leads for their businesses and even earned extra income by networking on the various social platforms.

Even students are not left out as they have been able to get help with some of their academics through solutions posted on the various social platforms they are registered on. The list is just endless. If you want to make the most of social media, here are some social media tools you should get to know more about and also utilise. Most of these tools offer free trials for you to get a gist of what it can do for your company. Also, note that these social media tools are not meant only for the online marketing companies.

Professionals from various industry types and departments use social media sites and tools. For instance, HR departments use social sites to find appropriate candidates for pre-screening before inviting them for the face-to-face interview process.

They are as follows:

1) Personapp: If you are looking for a social media tool that would always keep you in close contact with your online community, then personapp is that tool you need. With this tool, you are able to, not only create but at the same time share lightweight personas. To top it all off, this social media tool is free.

2) Typeform: This is a type of interactive social platform that allows you to collectively interact with your followers. This means that instead of spending time and energy making your findings individually, like finding out your followers favourite colour, you can do it at once. Very interactive you would say.

3) Sendible: This is simply a powerhouse that allows you to efficiently manage your social media accounts. With this tool, you are able to schedule posts to your various social media accounts, including your mailing lists and blogs. All these are done with just a few clicks on your mobile phone.

4) Hootsuite: The list cannot be said to be complete is mention is not made about this particular social media tool. This tool is especially helpful to large websites with multiple social media accounts that need to be effectively managed. The fact that all activities across the various platforms are carried out on just a given dashboard makes Hootsuite irreplaceable.

5) Mass Planner: Whether  it is on LinkedIn, twitter, Pinterest or Google+ that you need to post content to, this tool would prove very helpful in ensuring that such contents are scheduled and subsequently published when they should. It has several unique features which include sending out tweets to a particular group of followers.

6) Brand24: In order to better serve your customers or clients, it is important that you understand the impression they have about your brand. It would be nerve wracking to do this manually and this is where Brand24 comes in. Not only does this tool allow you to understand your current customers, you also get to understand what your potential customers want.

7) Topsy: In order to be ahead of your competitors, there are lots of things you should be doing which includes knowing the current trends in the industry you operate in. Not only would Topsy help you find out about this, it would also help you understand why such trend is building up.

😎 HowSociable: As you put in extra effort into making sure your social media activity is at the right level, you will always be anxious to know if you are actually meeting your goals. This tool helps you keep a tab on mentions being made about you or your business.

9) Autre Planete: By now you already understand the importance of images when you are posting anything on the Internet. People are more drawn to posts with images than those without images. This tool helps you to automatically resize images and the more interesting thing is that it can be used across multiple social platforms.

For professionals who are new to social media tools and it's importance, here is an article on by Jason DeMers on "Importance of Social Media Marketing".

These are just a few of the tools that would help you make the most of building your brand across multiple social platforms. You really don’t want to lose out to your competitors by slacking in your social media activities. Even without a social media manager, you can effectively “do your thing” with these listed handy tools.