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I’m involved in a customer project to implement Cordis Solutions myHR, an ESS/MSS Common-of-the-Shell product build on Duet Enterprise foundation. One of the aspects on which the customer selected myHR as their ESS/MSS solution, is the option that Cordis Solutions provides them to together co-define and decide on new and/or changes in the myHR functionality. An implication of this functional flexibility is that we on occasion deploy a new version of any of the myHR modules that is already successfully in use by customer (or rather, it’s employees and managers).

Most of the times, the deployments of the module upgrades execute without issues. However, it remain situations in which already operational software is replaced by a newer version. And just from this operational nature you cannot exclude that a problem manifests at runtime.

Today we experienced an example of this. We imported a transport with new versions of some myHR Duet Enterprise services into the SAP Gateway system. The import was without any issues. But at runtime invocation of the Duet Enterprise service, the Gateway system returned an Internal Kernel Error: Transformation interface was changed at runtime.

The resolution for this runtime error is to reset the WSIL cache on the Gateway system. In SOAMANAGER open the relevant Business Scenario, and ‘Process list’ the pending tasks; in particular "Clear WSIL Cache".

This WSIL Cache reset resolved the runtime issue.