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The 10 SDN and 5 BPX community sessions have now been selected for SAP TechEd 2008 Berlin. This is just one more benefit for attending TechEd Berlin - sessions lead by your peers in the community.  

These SDN and BPX members will bring their expertise that they already share with the community in blogs, on the wiki, and in the forums. However, now you'll have an opportunity for a 60 minute in-depth, in-person session to learn what tips and tricks they use working with SAP technology.


Here are this year's winners:


BPM204 - Best Practices for Building a Business Process Structure in SAP Solution Manager - Marcel van den Top, BearingPoint, Inc.

BPM301 - Beyond BAM: Implementing Business Event Orchestrating to Manage Complex Worldwide Supply Chains - Waldemar (Speedy) Gonsales, Embraer

SOA243 - Using Enterprise Architecture to Adopt SAP SOA Solutions - Nattan Gur, Dao2Com

SOA244 - Five Additions to AcceleratedSAP for the SOA Era - Lucas Osse, Capgemini

SOA246 - Is Your Organization Ready for SOA? - Niels Doeleman, TopForce



LCM122 - Virtualization: Dramatically Making Your Life Easier! Learn it, Use it, and Benefit From it! - Andre Boegelsack, Technische Universitaet Muenchen

LCM248 - The Secrets of Upgrading to SAP ECC 6.0 - Haim Halpern, Xact Soft Ltd

LCM249 - The Java Virtual Machine - Performance Tuning for SAP NetWeaver AS Java - Graham Ward, Core Consulting

LCM304 - Improving Performance of Very Large Database Unicode Conversions - Courtney Hofmann, Nike, Inc.

SOA242 - Enterprise Integration Patterns for SAP NetWeaver PI 7.1 - Rene de Daniel, Ciba, Inc.

SOA301 - How to Expose Your ABAP Applications to the Worlds of SOA, Java, and Web 2.0 - Thorsten Franz, AOK Systems GmbH

UP220 - Open Source Portal/CMS on SAP NetWeaver: The Best of Both Worlds - Peter Mayringer, TopForce BV

UP221 - How to Optimize SAP Flex Applications Using Adobe LC Data Services and Blaze Data Services - Andre Salazar, Adobe Systems

UP222 - SOA Meets Rich Internet Applications - Jie Zhao, Zui Ltd.

UP223 - iPhone Development for SAP (Putting SAP at Your Fingertips) - Leo van Hengel, TopForce BV


Congratulations to these winning sessions.  These speakers will receive complimentary lecture-only registration to SAP TechEd 2008 Berlin, a cool speaker shirt, and SDN and BPX contribution points.  

The best way to support and congratulate your SDN and BPX peers is to attend their sessions during TechEd Berlin!  If you haven't registered yet, do so today before you miss these great educational sessions.

Want the same recognition as these winners? The SDN and BPX call for proposals for SAP TechEd Bangalore has been extended, so you still have an opportunity to submit your proposal.  The new deadline to submit a proposal is Friday, September 12.