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As companies in the energy market navigate the pressures of becoming more sustainable, the multinational energy corporation Petrobras took its first step towards innovation with what they call ‘The Petrol Station of the Future’. Equipped with the latest bio-fuels and interactive technology, the company found that because the stores still mostly looked and worked like traditional filling stations they didn’t actively reflect their commitment to sustainability.

Tasked with investigating ways to communicate the new initiatives to consumers, we used our expertise in obtaining and understanding the way customers viewed, used and felt about the stations into meaningful insights for the company.

The research provided valuable pieces of information about users perceptions of the station and their behaviour in the space that we were able to translate into guidelines for the generation of ideas and future opportunities. With this more defined data we facilitated user-centred idea generation and co-creation workshops where station attendants and customers gave input and built upon concepts.


After taking those concepts a few steps further with additional input on technological feasibility and the latest trends in sustainability, the project concluded with proposals that allowed the consumer to engage with both the station and latest developments in bio-fuels.

An important topic, the ‘Petrol Station of the Future’ posed an interesting opportunity for us to take an already existing innovation truly into the future.