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Previous blog, The Full Monty - Part 15 - Tuning

The NetWeaver Business Client (NWBC) is only really supported for the SAP SRM and Business-all-in-One environments, however, I managed to perform a little modification to work-around this restriction. See later.

The installation executable file, is found in the "NetWeaver 7.0 Presentation 7.2 Compilation 1" downloaded, in "The Full Monty - Part 13 - BObj Integration Kit SP3 Install & Configure", under the "Downloads" Section, Part "SAP GUI" see The Full Monty - Part 13 - BObj Integration Kit SP3 Install & Configure.

The documentation “nwbc30.pdf” is rather good, and helped me towards the latter configuring stages, starting on page 34.


I navigated to the directory “NW_7.0_Presentation 7.2 Comp 1NW_7.0_PresentationPRES1
wbc” and ran the file “nwbc300.exe”. You can also find the documentation PDF here.


when the “NWBC300.exe” ran, it self extracted to my “Windows     emp” directory



then automatically began the Installation



I noticed the "Self-Extractor" window was still open, but that was fine, as it automatically closed at the end of the installation



I selected the only option


and kept the defaulted installation directory



and off it began



once the installation was complete



I could see a new icon on my desktop. There is no Icon in any Windows Program Group, so if you accidentally delete this, you will have to hunt it down.



I then ran the "NetWeaver Business Client" (NWBC)



and got to an equivalent "SAP Logon Pad".  I pressed the "New" button



and configured my NSP system, as it should look for my purpose.

Note: The "Name:" parameter is the description of the System in the SAP Logon Pad. Yes!, the SAP Logon Pad is required. Also, I have chose the "HTTPS" for my URL protocol.


For now, this will suffice my Client configuration.  More information can be found in the documentation. There was no point trying to "Connect (Restart)" at this stage as I had to perform some NSP Server configurations.


NSP Services Config

The NWBC utilizes the NSP Services. I logged on to my NSP, and ran transaction SICF and navigated to the "NWBC" Service


So that I could guarantee that all Services for my "NWBC" Service were "active", I "Deactivated" them at the "bc" service  level.



then "Activated" the "bc" service


with the "all below", second "Yes" from the left


Then the "bc" Service and everything below was now bold, and not greyed out


Whilst I was in SICF, I made sure the System Service "myssocntl" was active, as instructed by the documentation. I tested the NWBC without this Service being active, and it still worked, however, as it was in the documentation, I thought it prudent to simply activate it whilst I was here.


HTTPS Service

As I was using the "HTTPS" protocol for my NWBC, I checked my NSP "HTTPS" Service was up and running. I ran transaction SMICM, and navigated to the "Services"


only to find my "HTTPS" Service was inactive

Now, I know, this was working, but somehow, it has been de-activated. So I returned to my previous blog The Full Monty - Part 5 - HTTPS & Sapcrypto which also encountered this issue, and followed the steps there, to fix this problem. Naturally, the "HTTPS" issues must be working. 



Next, there was my work-around. Safest to say at this point is, take a look at the Exception Class "CX_NWBC" and the method "RAISE".

If you do not fix this, you will get a runtime error on your browser


and corresponding error in the back end



Test NSP Service

From within transaction SICF, I chose to test the one of the "nwbc" Services. I navigated to the "nwbc_test" Service, right clicked, and chose "Test Service"


You may get a "SAP GUI Security" popup,  just permit it.


I was presented with an Explorer Logon Page, where I entered my BCUSER and pasword credentials, and pressed the "Log On" button. I noted how it was using my "HTTPS" protocol


Next I recieved a successful "Trouble Shooting Info" page




Because the NWBC relies on the User’s Roles, for various screen presentation, I modified my BCUSER Roles accordingly via the Role Maintenance  transaction - PFCG. This is a little overhead, but for my purpose, I found it useful.

So I ran transaction PFCG, chose my Role "ZCRYSTAL", and modified it as such

I created two nodes under the "ZCRYSTAL" Role

  • "my Crystal"
  • "my BW"
I moved the “Administer Crystal Report Content”  transaction “/CRYSTAL/RPTADMIN” to under the “my Crystal” node, and added the “Modeling – DW Workbench” transaction “RSA1” to the node “my BW”.I left the Published “Flights” Report, where it was. 




I created a new Role – "ZNWBC", and used the "Copy Menus" functionality, "From SAP Menu" to add new nodes to my "Role menu", as seen below



For the "Authorizations", I gave it everything, and "Generated"




and added it to my BCUSER





I logged out of the NSP via the SAP GUI, and was ready to actually logon via the NWBC shortcut

A short message appeared



Up popped the NWBC logon screen, I entered my BCUSER details



and was eventually presented with the NWBC GUI


Now we have the NWBC nicely up and running