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Several top brands converged today for an engaging Social Media Week panel.  Hosted by NetApp and run by Tina Ashamalla (@tashamalla), the panel consisted of:

Chris Barger (@cbarger) SVP of Global Programs - Voce Communications

Len DeVanna (@lendevanna) Director of Social Business Strategy - PwC

Shanee Ben-Zur (@sbenzur) Social Media Manager - Salesforce

Jeanette Gibson (@JeanetteG) Head of Social Media Marketing - Cisco

Todd Wilms (@toddmwilms) Head of Digital, Social, Community Strategy - SAP

Speaking for over 90 minutes to a packed house of almost 500 NetApp employees, the panel covered topics from running a social business to how to develop a culture of social.  From the SAP perspective, the topic that kept coming up was "how do I factor social into my marketing?"  We tend to think of this as a "cultural phenomena" instead of a "tactical" one.  Where we have seen brands further engage their customers is when social is embedded throughout the marketing process and engages customers at all stages of their buyers journey.  If social is something that is tacked on at the end of the process, you miss truly interacting with your customers.  Think social throughout the marketing plans - event strategy, field marketing, messaging, product marketing, solution marketing, demand gen, email marketing, digital, etc.  - and you will have a greater opportunity to reach your audiences. 

Put this way - think of how you can reach an audience around your events.  Instead of just promoting, ask them questions, answer their questions online, let them know you are going to be in their area for an event and see if they want to meet.  Try taking a mic and video camera (also called an iPhone) and ask speakers if they are to comment on their presentations for a moment, on camera.  You can create your content supply chain at an event if you are smart about.

For further insight into the panel, follow the hashtag #NetAppSMWeek.