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Cloud computing models have changed things enormously for the business world, and Infrastructure as a Service is a part of it. IaaS, as this is often termed, is basically a cloud computing solution, which offers outsourced computing infrastructure and hardware to users. Usually, the users (read: mostly businesses) have access and services like virtual bandwidth, service space, IP addresses and network connections. What makes Infrastructure as a Service or IaaS an interesting choice is the amount of scalability, allowing users to be completely at ease with regards to the services they need.

Also, it eliminates the essential need of buying expensive hardware, which is a major concern. Under this kind of cloud service, users have access to hardware, which is usually placed at different data centers. As expected, the users only pay for the services they choose, which can be changed and flexed as needed.

Why IaaS?

Let’s just say that a traditional data center is much more expensive as compared to cloud based services. Adding to the economics, most developers, users and operators would enjoy greater tractability and flexibility with cloud, allowing them to decide on using varied business and trade resources. Also, if you intend to push web-based applications in the market, cloud solutions work better.

The best names for 2016

Keeping the varied features in consideration, here are some of the best names worth checking for IaaS in 2016.

Amazon Web Service: AWS boasts of great features and some great monitoring tools, which makes it among the top choices. It can be used for PaaS hosting too. Features include infrastructure services, including archival storage and workflows.

          What’s not great?

          Once the business expands and has complicated workflow processes, it may be hard to keep a tab on the costs.

         Final word: They have some great bonus offers, and if you are just starting, their services are worth a check.

Windows Azure: While the name may suggest that users have access to Windows-Only Iaas, it is not so. It offers the same range of features as other Iaas services, but users who have used Microsoft Platforms would find this a worthy and ‘easy to use’ choice.

          What’s Not great: Might not be a great choice for advanced service users

          Final word: They have a great trial offer for 30 days, which can be worth a try.

Google Compute Engine: If you are looking for big data warehousing, Google Compute Engine is the ideal choice. It’s well integrated with other Google services, making it a great choice. Adding to the benefits, global infrastructure of Google is a big plus.

          What’s not great: The admin features can be limiting.

          Final Word: The Features can be limited and this is a comparatively new service, but yes, this one is still worth the money spent, thanks to                               Google. Bonus packages are decent.

Some of the other big names for 2016 include Rackspace Open Cloud, IBM and HPE Helion.

Choosing a service

There are some essential buying considerations for Iaas Solutions and VPS. Firstly, you need to decide between public, private, or hybrid clouds. The second two essential things are security and cloud infrastructure, both of which are of grave concerns for every kind of user. Also, you need to decide between open source and proprietary solutions. Given that most of the services do offer a trial period, you can actually test their services before taking the plunge. Costing is something that will eventually matter the most in the long run, which is why you need to scale the operations and expenses rightly. Take a call by matching and balancing all features along with the pricing.