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Because of the decentralization and globalization of enterprises, supply chain management is becoming more complex. Communication and logistical challenges are leading to companies who must find more aggressive and streamlined processes for managing customer needs, suppliers, and partners.

With expansive networks and the abolition of geographical boundaries, supply chain management must shift from the traditional linear model and move toward a networked approach that increases response time and allows more internal interaction to become a more efficient organization.

The best way to change the process, is to change the tools and implement a flexible infrastructure that aligns IT and business, and is tailored to meet specific supply chain objectives.

Having the right supply chain management solution implemented can transform a supply chain operation by increasing efficiency, saving time, lowering costs, and demanding and enabling more seamless collaboration.

Companies such as Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG turned to SAP Services to optimize their SAP software and enable their workforce.  By tracking parts and components in real time and making hourly deliveries to the production floor, Porsche was able to build multiple car models simultaneously in a single facility and allows orders to be customized right up to the point of production.

Lutz Meschke, Member of the Executive Board, Finance and IT, Dr. Ing. h.c.F. Porsche AG said, “Logistics must work just in time and just in sequence. Our workers need to get the right part at the right moment. SAP lays the foundation for peak performance.”

Other companies such as Conair Corporation, are using SAP SCM solutions to unite its extended global operations in response to the unrelenting demands of their customers, which includes smaller orders and faster turnaround. And because a good portion of Conair’s products are focused on fashion, new products are being introduced to keep up with customer drive and there is where proper planning and forecasting demand can make a big difference in efficiency and management.

Take a look at SAP Supply Chain Management solutions by the numbers, which shows how SAP Services can transform a supply chain management operation and deploy new solutions within just a few weeks.

Check out this infographic and other useful resources on the SAP Services Slideshare account.

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Hi Jen,

So true about globalization, ever changing and expanding networks of suppliers. Would you have some more information about the Porsche solution, especially the realtime aspect? I am assuming that there is HANA underneath as you tagged the article with HANA.

Thank you


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Product and Topic Expert
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Hi Denis,

Here is a video about how Porsche is using SAP SCM to achieve lean production:

(This is not a SAP HANA solution).



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Thanks for reading, Denis! I hope Andy's video helps!

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Thanks for adding the video, Andy!