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Status of reported issues (06/11/12):

Features which were available on old platform and would be very useful on the new one

a) ability so see if the thread is locked from the list of the issues unsolved

b) ability to see if the thread was read by you unsolved

c) clear distinction between locked, open and answered threads (now, the small icon of the same colour is not visible enough) unsolved

d) ability to see who was the person who made the last feedback (it's available only with the preview, but not in the working list for discussions) unsolved

e) ability to see if the remark was made by the user who has 'Moderator' badge unsolved

f) ability to see the whole reputation (score) of the user and not only this for the last 12 months unsolved

g) ability to lock the thread, so no points will be given (now, even after the lock, granting points and 'likes' is still available) workaround found

h) ability to see topic leaders (top 5 leading contributors) in each domain i) ability to move to 'points-free' space; actually, lack of 'Test & Playground' forum unsolved

i) ability to see right away the number of posts made by the user, thus understanding whether he(she) is a novice on SCN or not unsolved

j) ability to have a 'sticky' thread unsolved

k) ability to search within one Forum, with period as a parameter partially solved

l) locking a user after 10 unanswered threads unsolved

Bugs, glitches and minor issues

a) when you reject content as a moderator, you also receive a notification about this saying that the content is rejected solved

b) ability to anyone post a document or a blog; it creates a confusion among the users and put an extra burden on moderators unsolved

c) deletion/modification of a thread causes an error (Unexpected error has occurred), though the action is registered solved

d) sometimes does not show correct person in the 'content' replies solved

e) when looking at moderator's list, there is no possibility to view the flagged thread without going out from the list solved

f) if a remark was made to an 'old' thread (putting it on top of the threads list); deleting this remark is supposed to put the thread back in the queue (remove it from recently updated threads), but the thread remains on top unsolved

g) no instant refresh of deleted content; even affter the deletion of a thread/document it continues to show up for some time in the 'Content' partially solved

h) thread's titles lengh; it's apparently set now to 255, which is too long - gives an ability to post a lot of text in the titles (like this, while it should be short and essential unsolved

i) user can mark his/her own response as 'helpful' in his/her thread: it doesn't make sense unsolved

Ideas / nice to have

a) restrict number of 'Likes' or at least the points given by this action; maybe, even don't grant points for 'Like' at all unsolved

b) ability to add remarks, when locking the message, in a way that this remark would appear in the body of the message unsolved

c) more sophisticated search engine with multiple parameters partially solved