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OLA !! :smile:
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HOI !! :smile:

If you search google with key words, "Difference between Open Hub and APD", you would get the links which could make your eyes broader :shock: !!

But why people still confused between the two !! Why there is still confusion left when there is knowledge everywhere about those !!

Check out the below snap ! Isn't it obvious that still there are doubts!!

Let's clear some doubts and share knowledge!!

  • What is Open Hub?

The open hub destination is the object that allows you to distribute data from a BI system to non-SAP data marts, analytical applications, and other applications.

  • What is an Analysis Process Designer (APD) ?

The Analysis Process Designer (APD) is a workbench with an intuitive graphical user interface for creating, executing, and monitoring analysis processes.

I am sure that is not enough :lol: Let's learn some more details about them !!

Let us start with technical and then we would deduct the functional differences!

  • Open HUB

In case of open hub, you have limited destination types and your source could only be an existing info provider/object in the system such as a DSO/cube/multi provider or a query. And destination type could only be a file, any data base table or a third party tool.

But when it comes to select a destination type as data base table. A physical data base table would be created with the name of your open hub destination.

That can be seen by checking name starting as /BIC/OH<open hub name> is SE11 or SE16 after loading the data to Open hub. Below snap is a typical open Hub:

  • Analysis Process Design (APD)

When it comes to APDs you can have some more data sources including master data characteristics, multi provider, existing query, any flat file, data base table etc.

Many transformations you can perform such as you can do a filter in which you can restrict the amount of data, aggregate the data (such as a amount value), join operation, sorting of data, you can apply a formula etc.

When it comes to data targets, unlike Open hubs, it could also load the data to a direct update DSO, you can change the attributes of a characteristic, and of course load the data to a flat file to an application server.

Let's take an example of an APD!!

Let's discuss the above snap with Advantages of APD over Open Hub!!

A more flexibility in APDs unlike Open hubs that you have more than one queries as inputs and the data target is a direct update DSO having many transformations.

Hide Column, is where selection of fields takes place where you can allow a set of fields to be updated to targets. Certainly not possible in Open hubs :wink: .

Merge, simply merging two operations and making it into one.

Filter, restrict the amount of data updating to your data target.

Yippee :lol: !! Technicality over!! Let's Check some differences!!

Open HubAnalysis Process Design
Limited possibilities to apply changes/filter in transformation.Multiple run time transformations such as filter values, hide column etc. which can be changed just before executing an APD.
Destination type as file, data base table or a third party tool.Data targets can be DSOs, master data object, a flat file, indexes, decision tress etc.
Mostly used for transferring data to the third party system and picks the data from the info providers to send it to the tables.Helpful in performing the deeper analysis like data mining,ABC analysis etc, It can read the data from a query and stores it inside the BW objects like DSO which can be used further used for reporting as well.
if the amount of data required is huge and some manipulation will be required to be done in the other system where the data is being transferred then using an Open Hub would be a better choice.if the data is already there and analysis needs to be done on that data then APD would be a good choice like for eg: you have data presented by your query, in case if analysis needs to done on that query data then APD is used.

It's done !! :smile:

Well, I hope there might not be many people who would be rubbing their foreheads regarding Open Hub and APDs after this !! :lol:

I hope more would come like this and knowledge would be shared in lighter and easier way to understand the concepts and share the Ideas !! :smile:

Till then,

Tata !!


Bye Bye !!

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Hi Sagar,

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