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In 1987 I worked in downtown Portland, Oregon at the Nynex Business Center (formerly IBM Product Centers). We sold IBM, Compaq and Apple products. I was a young college intern, fresh off the dairy farm and I was in awe of our sales team. They lived a lifestyle I had only read about. They traveled, they drove BMWs, they lived in downtown condominiums...and they all had something in common - they were in awe of Apple's Macintosh computer. That was my first impression of the genius in Steve Jobs.

Here are five things that have most impressed me about Steve Jobs:

  1. He was driven out of Apple and the company tanked. Steve came back and re-created one of the most respected, innovative and successful companies on the planet.
  2. He went into a different industry with Pixar, and created a wildly successful company in the movie industry while pioneering a whole new genre of big time, money making, annimated films. Pixar was sold to Disney for billions of dollars.
  3. He repeatedly impressed us with his designs and understandings of what we wanted, even before we did.
  4. I have been in the mobile industry for over a decade. Steve changed my world. He did not move the enterprise mobility industry forward with baby steps, it was giant leaps that took us beyond our own imaginations.
  5. He not only was a product guy, he created markets. His vision of the Apple iTunes store revolutionized mobility. A market place? This required an entirely different set of skills, but he had them.

Steve showed us that success can be accomplished repeatedly. Genius can be genius across many different industries. He showed us that success is not a roll of the dice, but a mindset. I will miss Steve Jobs.

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Nice blog...Steve Jobs was really ahead of his time...he really changed our lives for good and he will be I can't do nothing more than remember my first computer ever...a Macintosh Plus...

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Crisp blog !!!

Steve is definitely a visionary - today any thing I do is simply with my iPhone.

His life journey in Apple Terminology  "iCame, iSaw,iConquered, iLeft,iCameback, iMac, iPod,iPhone,iPad,iCloud,iRetire"...

World will miss him not that he will miss the World.

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Innovation at its finest.

He passed away way too young.  He had enough money to last 20 lifetimes, and yet he still continued innovating, working, and making his dreams happen.

What an inspiration,

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He knew of his illness and still was doing his activities calmly.
In one of his speeches in Standord University, he did unroll his live in three parts.Must watch.
He faced so many unexpected situations and turned everything to his success.Very very difficult for an individual to react the way he reacted to his failures.
He repeatedly emphasized , 'do what you love'.
Very hard and painful to accept that he is not among us.

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I salute the person who's favorite fruit became the world's most desired product..................!
We lost one of the best person in this world .... 😞 .. we will miss you deeply .... may your soul rest in peace.... 😕
A lot Can be Done with Little Imagination u have done
we will miss you deeply
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An amazing guy with a fine vision! Love all the Apple products for their "Personal" touch. Though I am not a technical geek, I can't part with my iphone even for a few minutes!

We miss you!
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Before Iphone came into existence, a mobile phone was just a source of communication for me. But the advent of it changed my world and having it made me feel as if the whole world was just few finger tips away. Now its just so embedded in my world that I cannot part with it. And moreover I am always waiting for the next version of Iphone to be released just to check out what new features have been added.

Steve hats off to you!!! You changed my world.
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He is the world’s most successful businessmen who left his footprints on the world to "Think Differently"

Hatts off to you Steve,may your soul rest in peace..

World will miss him!