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Hi All,

Here I am going to discuss some issue in ST03N data missing due to DST time switch. The issue is more known but the solution provided everywhere is very confusing and not very clear . The ST03N data is more important to client as well as for a Basis administrator to  determine the system performance .

1. First check  that the SAP standard job is running or not. SAP standard job name  ,"SAP_COLLECTOR_FOR_PERFMONITOR" should be running with DDIC user in 000  client. The JOB should be scheduled with one hour interval. There is a  SAP standard note 16083  describes the standard job that needs to be  scheduled properly.

2. Next we need to check that the report SWNC_CONFIG_TIMEPROFILE , and then check that SWNC time profile , it should be calculate all hours separately.

Check the point , calculate all hours separately and execute. It will calculate your all hours separately.

The results should be look like this,

3. After a Daylight Savings Time change or Time-zone change, not all data is collected in ST03 anymore.  You are also missing data in transaction
STAD.The root cause must be like ,The Operating System time  and the SAP system time (especially in client 000) are not the same.   Both the OS and the SAP    system time (client 000) must both be correct  and the same in order for the ST03 statistics to work correctly. For this issue , please do the step given below,

  1. First, ensure that your OS time and time-zone is set correctly.
  2. On the SAP system, check all of the following in client 000:
  3. The 'System Time Zone' in transaction STZAC should be the same as your OS time-zone.
  4. For USA and Canada, ensure that the note 919538 is implemented correctly.  This means you should have the following USA 2007 entry in transaction STZBC (again, client 000):

For doing this you must need to follow the SAP note 919538 , to enter the entry to see STZBC .

This entry should be added in the table TTZDV , from SE16 . But before that make sure all the changes should be done in 000 client and the client

must be open. To give the input in TTZDV table you need few details like  below field. he database table TTZDV contains  a list of variable summer time rules in column DSTRULE. The column YEARFROM contains a year number for every rule, saying in which year the  rule applies. The columns MONTHFROM, WEEKDFROM, WEEKDCFROM, TIMEFROM, MONTHTO, WEEKDTO, WEEKDCTO, and TIMETO contain the month, week, day, and  time for the beginning and end of summer time.

Now you need to check the report TZCUSTHELP to check if everything is  setup correctly.  When you run the report (in client 000) you should see

the line "System time zone seems to be correct"


The output of the report should be like this.

When  all time-zone settings have been corrected, allow the collector (job  SAP_COLLECTOR_FOR_PERFMONITOR) to run for some time in order to collect and total the statistics again.  A full run of all collector jobs is 24 hours.Finally, check if the full 24 hours of data for the last complete days are collected:


  • A correct set of rules must contain all rules specified in TTZZ for the time difference between time zones and the UTC reference time in TTZR
    and all rules specified for summer time in TTZD. If the time difference between summer time and winter time in TTZD is not equal to 0, the
    respective summer time rule must be included in at least one of the tables TTZDF or TTZDV. While TTZDF contains fixed dates for the switch,
    the date in TTZDV is variable, because a day in a particular week of a month is specified. The system always checks TTZDF first for the summer
    time rule and then TTZDV.
  • The database table TTZZ contains  a list of possible time zones in the column TZONE. The entries in the columns ZONERULE and DSTRULE refer to the rules for the time difference of the time zone to the UTC reference time in table TTZR and to the rules for summer time in the tables TTZD, TTZDF, and TTZDV.
  • The column ZONERULE of the database table TTZR contains  a list of possible rules for the time difference between time zones and  the UTC reference time. The columns UTCDIFF and UTCSIGN contain the time differences to UTC and their signs, while ignoring summer time.

Phase is to check that the SWNCMONIINDEX table , in this table the AGR_TZONE should be equal to the time zone you set for the system.

that AGR_TZONE you need to check in STZBD transaction with summer time zone rule as well.

The  time specified for the beginning of summer time in the tables TTZDF and  TTZDV identifies the time when the clock is put forward by the summer
time difference when the winter time ends. The first second of summer  time is the time you get when you add the summer time difference to the
specified time.

An composite SAP note is also there to find out the time zone related issue.

198411 - Current data and information about time zones

101726 - Incorrect times and time zone setting

Remember: When you change all those settings in 000 client ,then you
should run the job SAP_COLLECTOR_FOR_PERFMONITOR atleat 24 hours to
collect the data in correct time zone.

Thanks and Regards,

Basis Administrator