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Now, it is time to evaluate survey results that attendees filled up after SAP Inside Track Istanbul.


There were 30-35 people at SAP Inside Track Istanbul out of 75 registered members. In fact, we didn’t advertise it enough to keep it in the community. There are many local and international events organized around for managers and people from sales departments, but this should be different than all others. We were all from the kitchen and discussed only about cooking better. I think the most important point here is to keep the balance carefully. We should increase the number of people without modifying the format of the event.


Let’s look at the survey results that 21 attendee filled up after the event. I know this is not enough number to make statistical analysis but some answers needs to be taken into consideration during the organization of next Inside Track events.


The first question we asked was “Did you hear other SAP Inside Track events before SAP Inside Track Istanbul



We see that most of the people didn’t even know about Inside Track events. Let’s look at the second question asking “How did you hear about SAP Inside Track Istanbul” (More than one answer can be selected)



At first I created a Facebook and LinkedIn groups but no one is interested. I tried to use hashtag #SITIST on twitter but I saw that I was writing to myself. I only got some responses from community members from other countries (mostly Aslan and Martin) I know it is different in other locations but here we should find another way of advertising event to the local community members. I think the most effective way is to tell everybody around us and posting blogs.


Streaming of the events is also good way of spreading Inside Tracks to the world. I tried to attend other events online to see what is happening around. In the third question I asked “Did you know before you can follow other Inside Track events online” 


It is not suprising too see only 3 people did hear about online streaming. Now it is time to see the plans about future events. First I asked “Are you planning to attend next Inside Track event at Istanbul?



This is the summary of the event. All of the attendees are planning to attend next Inside Track Istanbul and 7 of them are planning to contribute with their presentation. Next question is “Are you planning to take  a part in the organization of the next Inside Track



and 14 of the attendees said they are planning to take a part in the organization. It shows that next Inside Track will be better with more people involved.

I also asked “Are you planning to attend other Inside Track events virtually?



It is nice to see almost all attendees will try to attend other Inside Track events.


After all, I asked overall satisfaction and the answer is 7.76/10.



As summary, it was the first try. I’m sure with more people involved we will make it better.

The last question was asking about the date of the Inside Track 2011.



We see that Istanbul doesn’t want to wait until November 2011. Although April or May seems the best time for Inside Track 2011, we should also think about Inside Track Ankara which may be planned soon. I think November will be the best time.