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Hi All,

For the first time SAP Inside Track Event is introduced in Kochi at TCS, Kakkanad on 27th September 2014.


TATA Consultancy Services Ltd

TCS Centre, Infopark

Kusumagiri Post, Kakkanad


I am happy to say I am also participated in the SIT event. Let me share few details about Kochi Inside Track event in this blog.

We had 116 participants in SIT Kochi Event, 16 different sessions are taken in the below tracks.

The Event started at 10:00 AM and ended at 6:00 PM

mahesh.kumar8 and midhun.vp  started the Event by giving the presentation about SCN and SAP Inside Track.

In Technical Track knair cleared most of the doubts regarding SIT Events


  • Techno Functional Track
  • Big Data Track

Techno Functional Track

Big Data Track

This time, I presented a session 'SAP Lumira' in SIT Kochi.

Session: SAP Lumira (Big Data Track)

Feedback Form:

The participants are requested to provide the Score(1 or 2) for each Speaker

Networking Session

Networking session lead us to interact with one another, which is always required to move forward with the career.


Based on the participant scores, The Top speaker are awarded for Big Data Track Events as follows

  1. Siva Subramaniam, Verizon sivasnega
  2. Sreehari Vasudevan Pillai, Wipro sreehari.vpillai
  3. Sheen Chungath, Sesame Technologies


  The following guests are invited to the stage at the end of the event for not only present the award to the winners; also they have given valuable speech to the participants

  1. Sheen Chungath, Sesame Technologies
  2. Abinash, Clematis
  3. Nilesh, TCS
  4. Akbhar Shroff, Computer Bookshop Pvt Ltd

mahesh.kumar8 concluded the session with awards

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Rajkumar Narasimman