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Being part of SAP echo system, I always like attending SAP related session and event.

Community events like SIT gives opportunity to meet people, understand the current trend in market and self-reflect on where we are and what we need to do.

SIT Kochi was well organized. In my knowledge this is the first time an SAP event is happening in Kerala. Session was also very information and well organized. Kudos to all great speakers!!!
Time management and session management was really great.  It was more off an informal session so participants were more open and enthusiastic.

We got some new role models: midhun.vp mahesh.kumar8knair

sivasnega needs special appreciation!!!! His session was really nice.

I really enjoyed the event. I travelled 250 KM from Trivandrum to attend the event with my friend.

We both were really happy for not missing the oppurtunity to be at the first SIT event in Kerala.

Hope to see more community events!!!! Congrats SIT team for introducing SIT to Kerala SAP community!!!

Useful links:

Know more about SAPUI5 take a look at the SCN community space: UI Development Toolkit for HTML5 Developer Center