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My first blog on SCN and what better way than to start sharing my experiences at my first SIT event. :smile: First up, a big thanks to our sponsors - SAP and TCS for supporting us throughout and making it a huge success!


Oh Yes!!! 250+ participants or should I say SAP enthusiasts from across India, making this the highest participation for an SIT Event!! Kudos to our organizers mahesh.kumar8 ,ganeshmahadevan.v3, dhandapani.satheeshkumar, krishna.tangudu and more.


The day kicked off extremely well with surprisingly pleasant weather at Chennai, which made the 25kms drive to the TCS Butterfly building enjoyable. Registrations were well planned without any hiccups. Mahesh, SAP Mentor kicked off the event in his signature style, followed by the organizer-SAP Heavyweights.

There were 3 tracks – Technical, Analytics & Functional and I was more interested in Technical & Analytics because of my love for HANA ?

    Technical Track kick started with Sundaresan from SAP Labs giving us a commendable session on Unleashing the power of SAP HANA from your ABAP custom code. It was good to revisit our ABAP code and see how one could push down the data intensive logic to HANA. Other interesting sessions were on HANA Cloud, the next big thing, in the future of HANA. “BW on HANA” which is creating quite a buzz everywhere, was effectively showcased by Meera wherein she provided us great tips for better performance and faster reporting.


     “Machine to Machine Analytics” and “Internet of Things” by Ganesh and Mahesh was something which none of us had anticipated (it was like our Ramesh & Suresh combo all over again! :wink: ). There were several use-cases mentioned, like the “Vehicle Functioning Model” which allows use of both wired and wireless to communicate, the “Unstructured Data Analytics” using HADOOP and “Structured” using HANA made it a lot more interesting! It was an extremely interesting, informative session which showed us that there are still new areas to be explored.


     Use-case implementation experiences on SAP HANA for the Hi-Tech Industry were discussed by Krishna. There were a lot of take-aways on Dynamic SQL, Compression and Authentication using Dynamic Analytic Privileges, Plan viz., variables and IP, which I was able to relate to my current HANA projects. Thanks Krishna :smile: Well, half way through the session, our stomachs were craving for the much awaited Saravana Bhavan’s traditional South Indian meals!


     While I was sitting there, temped to doze off after the scrumptious food, there came Pravin Samuel with an interesting use case which awakened my senses – “Polling System” using SAP HANA. A great idea and thought, taking the TN Elections data for analytics.


     Adding on to his session earlier was Krishna, who had something more to offer post-lunch, on his “SQL Usage & Benefits” – which he neatly and very effectively showcased, with topics such as SQL Exception Handling, Best Practices in HANA SQL & more, followed by a short demo of the same.


     There were 30 very informative sessions in all. Towards the end we had Uma Maheswaran, the Vice President of SAP Labs India, honoring the Top Speakers on these tracks.


Kudos to all the speakers for a job very well done!


A wonderful pic with SCN colleagues/SIT’ians -


A special thanks to Deepak Kota, the SAP Strategic Initiatives Head at TCS, and his team for supporting the event, making it a huge success!


With SAP expanding its boundaries at a rapid pace, these SIT events helps us keep track of the developments and grow together. Let’s keep this going!

JAI HIND ! JAI HANA, if I may :wink: Can’t wait to catch up with you all again at the next SIT! :smile:


                                                                                 "Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish." - Steve Jobs!


-Avinash Raju