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SAP Screen Personas 3.0

SAP Inside Track is an event organized, conducted and participated by SCN Community Members. The focus is on sharing knowledge, learning new things, collaborating thoughts and networking with other SAP peers. Got introduced to this way back in 2012 however being a live audience to this event now, in 2015!!

It's a good event, seeing lot of participation from SAP Professionals of various IT Firms... And yes the knowledge quotient is very high. One thing special about SIT 2015 is that there are multiple tracks providing opportunity to present & attend topics in diverse areas.

A quick summary of the numbers that we are talking about for SIT 2015....

6 Tracks - Finance, Logistics, Development, UX & Mobility, Infrastructure and Data & Reporting

36 Topics

44 Speakers

660 Registrations

And yes a nice lunch :smile: :smile: :smile:

Now it was a difficult choice to decide on the Technology track to attend however being a SPOC the choice was already decided for me :smile:

It was UX & Mobility and so would be bringing in my first hand learnings & content from the sessions delivered in this particular track!

Below were the topics in this track:

1. SAP User Experience & Design Thinking by Pallayya Batchu

This session provided a new perspective on what User Experience is all about! In general when someone is developing an UI application, UX for them ends up as something to do with Visual Designs, the look and feel etc., for the UI. However UX is lot more than this. It is not only about the look and feel but also about the ease of accessing and finding information on the UI, providing the users a great experience of being able to work on their tasks comfortably and with desired levels of satisfaction. In nutshell it is all about Experience which is again nothing but Emotions of the Users !!

Read More.....

2. SAP Screen Personas 3.0 by Gurupreet Chabda & Raghuram Kapaganty

This topic was also good. It was informative and gave an good overview of the product, it's use-cases, key features, benefits, some good demos and experiences/key lessons learnt. SAP Personas 3.0 is the latest version available from SAP and is based on the principle of enabling the Standard SAP Applications without much cost involved.

Read More....

3. SAP Fiori Cloud Edition (SFCE) by Shankar Duraiswamy

Cloud is the latest mantra in today's rapid changing technology world. And SAP had strategic investments in this space. A next big step for SAP in this direction is SAP Fiori Cloud Edition. Its a Cloud-Based Environment that provides Fiori Applications to customers, connecting to their on-premise Backend and Gateway systems via a SAP Cloud Connector. SFCE is hosted on HANA Cloud Platform.

4. End to End Fiori Programming Model by Kiruthika

This topic has introduced us some of the advanced programming concepts for FIORI developments like CDS Views, Exposing CDS Views as OData Services, UI Annotations, Smart Templates of WebIDE, Draft Infrastructure. UI Annotations is still evolving and is under development by SAP.

SAP WebIDE is the one to watch out for developer community. SAP is trying to simplify the whole development experience however on the first look of it.. its not seemingly easy. Yes there is a paradigm shift here, as UI Developers instead of writing UI5 Code we would write UI Annotations, nevertheless, the number of lines of code might be more or less same :razz:

5. Capabilities of WebIDE, Fiori Launchpad & HANA Cloud Portal by Shankar Duraiswamy

After hearing all about the various technologies and concepts on User Experience, FIORI, Cloud Solutions as we wonder on how on the earth would we be building these applications of these areas, Shankar comes back and this time tries to break the flow of UX by starting with HANA Cloud Portal.

So HANA Cloud Portal is a Cloud based offering from SAP to build engaging sites over the web in a rapid manner. It is a hosted environment from SAP running on SAP's HANA Cloud Platform (HCP). Given use cases for using this is for Business users, Self-Service Users and for HCP Extensions for Cloud Applications like SuccessFactors.

And finally we get back to SAP WebIDE and get to know about it's capabilities, some of its key features, why is it promoted more as a cloud-based environment instead of an on-premise one etc., This does provides a single place for all types of developments done initially on traditional IDEs like Eclipse.

6. SAP UI5 - Advanced Gateway Concepts by Venkata Chikkam & Pavani Gundrathi

The last session for the day started with a basic overview of the definitions behind the Gateway Concepts like HTTP, REST, OData etc., And then provided some experiences around building and using some advanced concepts in UI5/GW developments like Soft State, Custom UI controls.

Finally we conclude the session of the Day...and proceeded further for closing event.

Have tried and provided detail links for some of the sessions, as per need and use of content.

Below are couple of more links, as I presume some of you might be curious to know more... :smile:

All things about FIORI


Happy reading and thank you for your time spent on this blog.


Swapna .