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Creating a personalized, interactive form can effectively decrease the average time required for user submission. With Web Dynpro for ABAP, there are several ways that you can dynamically manipulate the layout in effort to enable these high demand efficiencies. The most common way is by updating the visible property. By controlling this property on the fly you can show/hide fields based on the user’s country, display fields in response to a user's input, present a textview that recognizes a user’s submission, and much more.

Most web developers are accustom to doing this by writing JavaScript, but SAP has attempted to provide a layer of abstraction between the developer and the client-side technologies. Most likely because of the community response when SAP temporally choose the path of Java (vs ABAP). While SAP’s behind the scenes generation of HTML, CSS and Javascript can save time, it’s too often that I find it less flexible then desired (but we’ll save that argument for another time). For those of you not familiar with JavaScript, I think you'll appreciate how easy it is to achieve the above.

I dynamically change WDA element visibility by binding the “visible" property to a context attribute with the data type WDUI_VISIBILITY. Try it out yourself after watching this Web Dynpro video tutorial.

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