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Inspired on that treat i just update a blog post for share own diagnostics in send to sap errors :wink:


Check to follow if you found erorr "message can't be sent to SAP"

  1. the user that has create the message/operation is not maintained on AISUSER table
  2. the sap customer number that send the message is not really a customer from your VAR, check with sap contracts department
  3. check RFC SAPOSS connection
  4. the user is not update as BUP003 con BP
  5. the maintenance agreement of the customer is not up-to-date with SAP
  6. check authorizations on sap marketplace
  7. the system for that message has been creates is not on marketplace or product is not installation relevant like AFARIA or SyBase
  8. if you found an error on RFC connection and SAPOSS is working, check connection SM_SP_0000xxxxxx where xxxxxx is your sap customer number, check user and password maintained and if the user has authorization.
  9. When you try to send the message you get a error message like "unknow installation number for customer"; that is because the information on SMSY/LMDB for the system assigned in the message/incident has different system number compared to sap marketplace/system-data system number.
  10. You get a bad day and you are no able to do anything well done; retard your computer, got to speak with coffee machine and after 10 minutes later try to send the message to SAP.