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To be honest, I am not that active in SDN. I wrote only two Weblogs and sometimes, not very often, I answer some questions. But I read a lot of the Weblogs and the forum disussions helped me a lot to solve my problems. So I traveled to Walldorf to learn a lot and to meet all these Guys, that helped me in the past.

The evening in Marktsube was fantastic. I learned that all these SDN people are not only people with a lot of knowledge, you can have fun with them! I enjoyed it.

I don't want to write much about the topics. There are already very good summarys. But I have to agree with some others that SAP has done a really good job and I am looking forward to get these new stuff in my fingers. The most impressing thing for me were Web Dynpro for ABAP an the new ABAP-Editor features.

I want to point out one thing that impressed me very much. There is this young man with a lot of power, [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken]. He had an great session about BSP testing. And as you can see in the comment of Thomas Jung SDN Meets Labs Impressions - Walldorf this will probably influence further development. This is great! SAP gives the feeling that they have an open ear not only to big customers with a lot of budget, but also to good ideas. One man can influence the SAP!

What I was wondering about is, that I meet a lot of customers and only a few consultants, so I felt a little bit alone somtimes 😉 I can say, this meeting is a must for every developer-consultant. Next year! You get so much and important information.

Before I went to Walldorf, I thought that the most people spend their working time to answer questions and writing weblogs. I was wrong. Most of these people spend their evenings and weekends to help you. My conclusion and my intention is, that I will spend more time with sharing that things that I have learned in projects. This will help me to understand it better and perhaps it will help other people to solve their problems.

But first of all I go on holiday for two weeks. Perhaps I will come back with one or two weblogs :-)) I am looking forward to meet you all again: Marc, "King" Craig, Dj, Gregor, Thomas Ritter, Nicole, Falko ...
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