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Conference: International Conference on Futuristic Trends in Computational analysis and Knowledge management, At Greater Noida 


Internet of Things (IoT) is creating an environment of convergence in the society. This technology environment brings a paradigm shift in our professional and personal life. As a connected environment, IoT adds customer value and loyalty. Today, IoT is being implemented everywhere which is of human concern like smart city, smart environment, security, smart business process, smart agriculture, home automation and healthcare. This article discusses the evolution, advantages, Architectural design choices, Internet and Mobile Applications of Internet of Things(IoT). It is quite interesting and challenging to develop and implement web applications using open sourcing hardware and software. Authors discuss issues like invasion of privacy, governance, security, regulatory issues, migration to IPv6 and standardization Issues as barriers to adoption of IoTs. Authors also  highlighted future research directions of Internet of things.

Scope and challenges of Internet of Things : An Emerging Technological Innovation (PDF Download Available). Available from: [accessed Nov 12, 2015].