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SAP University alliances conducted 3 train the trainer workshops at SAP Labs, Bangalore last week. These were each two day intensive workshops, running in parallel, each focusing on a contrasting topic.

The first workshop "Agile Project Management, Design Thinking, Business Model & Innovation Workshop" was conducted by Ann Rosenberg, Global head of SAP University Alliances. The workshop gave faculties across India a perspective into what the current practices of Project management is, the workshop began with topics such as Design thinking, when we need to go agile ? and successful practices in today's project. A major emphasis during the workshop was given to the current scenario of education in India, and how the education of future could be "designed", using design thinking principles to be more interactive, and  intellectually fulfilling for the students. There was a lot of interaction from faculties, of the best practices & shortcomings of the current education system,  and how the future education system should be. At the end of Day 1, faculties not only came up with interesting ideas to improve education, but they also came up with entrepreneurial plans to build their own institutes, which will implement these ideas. Day two had real insights into experience of SAP project implementations, how to go agile and valuable experience sharing. 

The second workshop "SAP HANA" was conducted by Prof. S.V.K Bharati and had high expectations from day one. Since the HANA system, is relatively new to many, there was lot of eagerness among participants.  It thus ended up as a journey of discovery with exciting learning opportunity for both the Trainer and the participants. The sessions started with understanding on the basics of HANA, and advantages that HANA provides to end users. All the participants had their first hands on experience on HANA by carrying out HANA exercises, that demonstrated, the flexibility and power of HANA.

The third workshop "Design thinking" was conducted by Christopher Han & Crispian Tan. It was an intensive two day workshop where teams work from discovering problems to creating prototypes. Design thinking was easily the workshop which had greatest impact on participants among all workshops. Since, the workshop exposes participants to a new way of thinking and looking at problems.  As one participant put it "Innovation cannot be forced, but accelerated !" and design thinking does exactly that. Many participants showed extensive interest for a follow up session, and plans for similar workshop at their institutes.

The benefits of these workshops are not just limited to engaging SAP’s unique culture with the faculties across India. These workshops help SAP to keep up with the rapid pace of innovation that the industry demands, by sending the right focus areas to the faculties and helping them train the students to make them Industry ready. Our finding is that, Faculties love to become student again during these workshops.  These workshops, bring together best of faculties across India, and help them to connect with each other, and take away their unique learning experience which can then be imbibed to classrooms !