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For my first blog here on the SCN I want to talk about the SAP University Alliance, with great schools all over the world where SAP, its customers, and its sponsors can go to get SAP educated new hires, take courses with the latest SAP tools in use, or take projects for the students to work on.

There are over 100 schools involved in North America, and 100s or over 1,000 world-wide.

If you go to the SCN.SAP.COM homepage you will see the tab for the University Alliance up top:

Once you click on the University Alliance Tag you will see the homepage for the SAP UA and you will see a place where you can find a school near you:

UA Around the World

click on that link and you will see a window with options to search though and find schools like this:

As you can see lots of good schools in Australia and other parts of the world, especially in Germany too which you can also view on a map:

And you can find my current school Georgia College & State University here in the USA:

Once you find the local school in the SAP UA contact them and see how and in what ways you can partner with them (us)!

Not sure which school to contact?  Shoot me and e-mail and I will speed your search along to find the right school, with the Internet

they don't even have to be near.  My students work with IT professionals all around the world on Big Data projects all the time. (another blog post to come).

We can't wait to partner with you and put SAP education on the front burner in your organization.

In my next blog I will discuss what our curriculum looks like in member schools and discuss ways you can work with us!