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Do you face an issue where you have multiple ids to login to SAP ? Good news is now you do not have remember all your individual S and P ids. SAP has now created SAP Universal ID using which you can link all your individual id's to one universal ID.

Benefits of Universal ID-

  1. All your S and P id's are linked to one universal ID

  2. No need to remember multiple user ids and passwords

  3. Seamless user experience across all SAP sites

  4. You can link SAP Universal Id, to your personal email address so it always remains with you through out your career and does not change when you change companies

  5. SAP has offered, SAP Universal ID Account Manager (SAM) as a single point entry to manage all your accounts

  6. SAP allows you option to choose a login account, when you sign in using your universal id, you do not have enter password once you choose your login account

  7. Takes very less time to create (Approx. 2 mins) and easy onboarding process

How to create SAP Universal ID- 

Step 1- Go to or click here, and create your SAP Universal ID

Step 2- Now you can link your existing accounts to your SAP Universal ID

Step 3- Enter email address of the account you want to link

Step 4- SAP will send you a verification code, to complete the linking process

Step 5- Now your account is linked, you can view all your linked accounts in your SAP Universal ID Account Manager login (You can access it from here)

Step 6- When you login to any SAP site, you always have the option of choosing which linked account you want to use, you do not need to enter any password.


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