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After two weeks of back-to-back events, I was thinking about the key message from SAP TechEd so far.

As a technologist and innovator, of course I’ve talked about our technology platform direction and our innovations in in-memory computing, cloud architecture, and mobility. But the key message is really about a new perspective, a new reality, a new SAP.  As the new Run Better campaign demonstrates, we enable an entire foundation of business around the planet. And we do so with trust, with responsibility and with an ecosystem around us.  It is a great feeling, of pride and satisfaction and joy that comes from creating something great together.  Perhaps nowhere was this feeling more exemplified than in the innovation weekend at TechEd.  A great team, led by Kaj van de Loo, Anne Hardy, our GEPG colleagues and many others, organized a fantastic event of co-innovation using our new technologies, that led to some amazing, fun and creative outcomes, and even more importantly, demonstrated our ecosystem values in action.

Standing in front of over 9000 customers, partners, and employees at my keynotes I got the same feeling.  The conference was full of people who have trusted their business, and their livelihood with SAP. That is a huge responsibility. At the same time, these people want more: They want and need to do more with the software they have and innovate as well, so their customers continue to enjoy their products. Meeting the customers, partners, analysts, mentors and the media, reinforced this.  And their feedback has also reflected an increasing recognition of our return to our roots of technology and innovation, with our ecosystem, and without disruption.

So, the key message from TechEd is very simple: we are in this together.

The announcements from Las Vegas are the culmination of work that SAP has done with over 40 customers and partners. These are customers that have been willing to share their data with us to test-drive HANA in real-life scenarios. And partners like Dell, Cisco, EMC, Fujitsu, HP, IBM, VMWare have been working on providing the infrastructure for cloud computing and virtualization management and Hana.  Capgemini and Microsoft showed how Gateway made it possible to build a hiring portal 6 times faster. Walking the exhibition floor, you saw the power of collaboration and co-innovation.

Money can’t buy an ecosystem like this, and the experience and expertise they have and share with the ecosystem is invaluable.  At the next TechEd event in Bangalore, I will show just how fast innovation can happen when you bring together the best in the industry real partnerships.

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