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We are living in a time of a lot of change and a lot of choices. But we need to make sure that we do not get trapped into decisions that take us down one-way streets that hinder future options. It is possible to be collaborative, AND yet differentiate; to be smart AND yet coherent and in-a-process.  In other words, it is possible to keep what you have AND yet do more. SAP is committed to allowing customers who want to keep what works AND leverage all the fantastic new technologies, so they can run their businesses better faster, and smarter.

This is what I call the era of “AND”. The Era of AND is not about simply including everything – but it is really about leveraging the Best, making Intelligent choices not compromises, and purposeful inclusion to address specific needs.

To pave the way for future innovation without disruption, SAP today announced the release of SAP NetWeaver 7.3.  From the beginning, SAP NetWeaver has always been about bringing “people, data, and processes” together. The release of SAP NetWeaver 7.3 highlights these changes: it is a synchronized release that provides coherence across the diverse landscapes with heterogeneous applications and deployment models.

Over the last few years, mobile devices have changed how people access enterprise solutions, and technology changes have made it possible for people to access and interact with more data in more ways than ever before.  Similarly with respect to data, the technology horizons and the solutions that are now possible have fundamentally changed since 2002. Therefore, we have added the BusinessObjects and Sybase dimensions to our SAP NetWeaver technology platform.

In Berlin, I described how this ongoing evolution of our core technology platform is complemented by three new horizons of innovation. (1) In-memory where we can bring a breakthrough new real time to customers without disruption, (2) cloud – where we are complementing our existing on-premise systems with easy to consume LOB apps (built on the SAP Business ByDesign platform) and simple extension applications (such as Carbon Impact that is built on project "River") all without compromising either the simplicity or the ease of consumption of these on-demand solutions nor their integration into existing systems and (3) with mobility, where with the Sybase Unwired Platform and project Gateway we will unwire and unlock existing systems as well as enable break thru new mobile applications.

What a great way to start TechEd 2010! I will build upon our direction in Las Vegas, and in Bangalore I will layout the evolution road map for our technology platform. The blogs and exciting news will continue, so stay tuned!