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The SAP Startup Focus program was designed with startups in mind, helping them unleash the potential of SAP’s revolutionary product “SAP HANA” and bring about breakthrough solutions to market that propel the startup to new heights. The two day Startup Forum was focused to help identify interesting startups, to  provide a platform for pitching new startups and to mentor and support startups.  The first day focused on how successful startups in the program have leveraged SAP HANA at no cost and the SAP ecosystem of enterprise customers and industry experts for viable commercial opportunities.

The second day was focused on covering SAP HANA core technologies,  which converges database and application platform capabilities to enable real time business.  It also provided Hand’s on experience on HANA for the participants. To Install and configure a full, free HANA developer environment and do data modeling and coding exercises.

The two day forum attracted over 32 participants, including 4 Faculties and 4 students from University Alliances.

The participant list of Startup Forum Gurgaon included students, Faculties, first time entrepreneurs, as well as Seasoned entrepreneurs, this enabled a healthy environment for debate. There was high networking  amidst the event. Needless to say the Forum was a huge success and it would be beginning of many such forums in the coming weeks !