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Presenter: Gurupreet Chabda and Raghuram Kapaganty

1. SAP UX Strategy

     a. Un-Learn, Learn and Re-skill

     b. New, Renew and Enable

     c. New is about new applications for end users

     d. Personas fall into Enable area

2. What is Screen Personas?

     a. Its browser based simple ui interface for SAP GUI screens

     b. Allows personalizing SAP GUI screens without any ABAP programming but yes with some scripting skills :smile:

3. If we want to customize standard SAP GUI using traditional ways in SAP its lot of efforts. With Personas this becomes easy and better looking

4. SAP Personas 2.0 Vs 3.0 ??

     a. Technology dependency - 3.0 is Silverlight Independent, 2.0 is dependent on Silverlight

     b. Web Technology - 3.0 is lot faster

     c. Scripting - has debugging features for scripts in 3.0

     d. Performance enhancement - 3.0 has lazy loading, 2.0 is working on pre-fetch principle

     e. Architecture

5. Personas is based on Internet Transaction Server - key aspect - something that can be installed by Basis Team, its license free.

6. Basis can install and configure it for us to get started, its ECC based component.

7. Personas is accessible as a URL but it is not yet capable to run on Mobile Browsers. Its more for Desktop browsers.

8. It’s more for end users who have daily transactions to do in SAP system to ease their accessibility and provide better user interface and experience for the end users to work on their SAP screens

9. Personas is a rendering technology, so there might be some load on the server however overall the performance provided is on par with traditional SAP GUI transactions

10. Ex: Create Quotation Demo

     a. Saving efforts for user, he doesn’t need to remember the tabs where in his fields of data entry lie

     b. He need not be bothered about some other fields which are either default or he need not enter data

     c. Saving number of clicks for the user

     d. The navigations within this is based on workflow concept, like each screen is a step

11. Benefits of Personas

     a. Reduce number of screens by up to 25%

     b. Reduce number of tabs by up to 100%

     c. Number of clicks can be reduced by up to 25%

     d. Number of fields by up to 15%

12. Personas is user group driven. Depending on what he needs to work with on the SAP transactions, we can provide them either simplified UI or the standard GUI

13. Key Features -

14. Theme Manager

     a. Themes provide look and feel for the UI.

     b. Standard SAP Delivered themes available like Screen personas theme, SAP Corbu based theme

     c. Once theme is created several options available to set up the look and feel of each element of the UI

     d. We can have centralized settings for across projects/user groups and then customize it on top of this for specific user group needs

15. Tab Merging

16. Scripting

     a.  3.0 provides more powerful java scripting compared to 2.0.

     b. Need not write end to end script code, there is script generated with TO-DO sections once we record a transaction flow

     c. Its not mandatory to have screen with java script, its optional

17. Administrative settings

     a. Flavor maintenance - to maintain the flavors

     b. Resource Maintenance - place where we upload all our images/logos, sits in repository

     c. Theme Maintenance

     d. User Profile - To assign users and roles

18. Personas can be migrated from System A to B using Transport request OR also a XML File that’s easily downloaded and uploaded

19. Browser Compatibility is provided by SAP. 3.0 supports all the latest browser versions

20. Process and Teams

     a. Need people with Personas Knowledge, design skills and Business Process expertise

     b. Identify the processes

     c. Simplify the processes

     d. Analyze data requirements

     e. Build screens

     f. Automate wherever applicable

21. When to use??

     a. For enhanced user experience without major investment or shift in technology.

     b. SAP provides cost effective way of providing user experience

     c. Specific user group perform repeated tasks

     d. Users are desktop based and not requiring all functionalities

     e. Streamline business processes by simple and faster completion of transactions

     f. Simpler SAP screens

22. Return on Business scenarios

     a. Improved user productivity

     b. Reduced cost of screen simplification and personalization

     c. Increased data quality

     d. Decreased training costs

23. Key lessons learnt

     a. Follow Agile

     b. Focus on performance and efficiency

     c. Align with the technical updates happening in this product

     d. Personas Version and support available

     e. Upgrade and Testing - Upgrade to more complete version always

And with this we end our session on SAP Screen Personas. I believe after reading this through some of us can confidently talk about this and suggest to our clients if there is an applicable use case.


Swapna Priya